Legend Woods' Stallions

Doubly Bubbly 2008 Homozygous Gold Champagne Friesian Heritage, Sport Designated, Pony Stallion, son of Ukiah Norsk. 13.3 hands as a coming 4 year old. Color tested: ee Aa CHCH (red base, one copy of bay and two copies of Champagne). EVERY foal will be a champagne!!

Breeding Fee: $800 Live Foal & Champagne Color Guarantee - plus collection/shipping fees or mare care. Visit Dublin's Facebook album here.



Regal of Legend Woods 2008 Purebred Friesian Stallion, son of Multi-Champion Friesian Stallion Zorro and out of Holly, a FPS Ster mare by Lukas 324.

Breeding Fee: $500 LFG - plus collection/shipping fees or mare care. Visit Ellio's Facebook Album here.




Novi of Legend Woods 2001 Purebred Friesian Stallion, son of Nero. Winner of many show events & awards, including First Premium, High Merit & Ster at inspection! Many of his offspring have scored very high as well. Standing near Madison, Wisconsin by AI or TS only. See Novi's Facebook album here.
More... SOLD - Congratulations to Ryan in Wisconsin



Reference Stallions & Stallions who have Passed


Vanyel 1997 Purebred Friesian Stallion, son of Laes. Frozen Semen Available. In Memory of: 1997-2005 - Beloved by All Who Knew Him.




Dante (now Carisbrooke's El Dante) 1999 Purebred Friesian Stallion. In 2004, Dante went through the 50 day stallion testing and was approved by the FPZV (German) registry for breeding.
More Coming Soon...



Legend Woods California Cadence 2004 Bay Tobiano Friesian Sport Horse (now gelded), son of LSH Cadence In Color by Doktor of Proud Meadows (TX). Out of a Dutch Warmblood/ Paint/TB daughter of Art Deco.



Ukiah Norsk 2005 Classic Champagne Friesian/Saddlebred Stallion, son of Lord Baldrick by Rypke 321.



Billy Elliot Norsk 2008 Buckskin Friesian/American White Stallion (now gelded), son of Ellio of Legend Woods by Nero. Out of an American White mare.






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