1987 Friesian Stallion

Legend Woods Friesian Sport Horses is proud to present their 1987 Friesian Stallion, Nero...

Breed for versatility, movement, beauty, substance, athletic ability and PRESENCE!

After inviting Nero to be part of her dressage demonstration at the Minnesota Horse Expo, famed Olympic Dressage rider/noted trainer, Hilda Gurney, said: "[Nero] is one of the nicest moving Friesians I've seen." ...and rumor has it that she has seen and worked with quite a few different Friesians...She commented that he was a nice "dressage type stallion" with an "obviously nice temperament" and "natural ability." Needless to say, we were extremely pleased to have someone of her caliber of knowledge and experience reinforce what we already believed to be true! Nero is truly an exceptional dressage type stallion with an amazing temperament. Better yet... he consistently passes his wonderful traits on to his offspring...something not all stallions can do.

Nero holds papers with the FPS (Dutch), FPZV (German), Friesian Sport Horse Registry (FSHR) and the American Warmblood Society (AWS) and, at one time, was active and approved with the American Warmblood Registry (AWR).

All of Nero's offspring are eligible for registration with the Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse International (HH), the Friesian Sport Horse Registry (FSHR) and the Friesian Blood Horse Registry (FBHR), among many others.


Legend Woods does have three of Nero's purebred Friesian sons available for breeding: Novi, Etienne (stallion page coming soon) and Zero Gravity (frozen semen only).

Questions? Please e-mail us or call Kayla on cell at (612) 940-4998.